Scientology 8-80

The Discovery & Increase of Life Energy in The Genus Homo Sapiens

The first explanation of the electronics of human thought and the energy phenomena in any being. Discover how even physical universe laws of motion are mirrored in a being, not to mention the electronics of aberration. Here is the link between theta and MEST revealing what energy is, and how you create it. It was this breakthrough that revealed the subject of a thetan’s flows and which, in turn, is applied in every auditing process today. In the book’s title, “8-8” stands for Infinity-Infinity, and “θ” represents the static, theta. Included are the Wavelengths of Emotion, Aesthetics, Beauty and Ugliness, Inflow and Outflow and the Sub-zero Tone Scale—applicable only to the thetan.

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Scientology 8-80 reveals the first explanation of the electronics of human thought and beingness, demonstrating how physical universe laws of motion operate in any being. Here also is the milestone breakthrough of “Black and White” and “Concept Processing”—the means to overcome and eradicate facsimiles by the hundreds and thousands. The legendary discoveries contained in this book include:
  • Description and qualities of the Life Static, how it acts as a mirror and records impressions of the physical universe
  • The Tone Scale of Wavelengths and the all-powerful role of Aesthetics in both enslaving and freeing a being
  • The Dichotomies (opposing conditions of existence) and their description and use in auditing in creating energy
  • Brackets and the reason for and use of flows in auditing, applicable to virtually every process and the underlying reason processes work
  • The Sub-zero Tone Scale, applicable only to the thetan, not the composite of the thetan plus his MEST body
  • Bodies, including the reason beings get stuck to and think they are bodies
  • And the Manifestations of Energy, containing the discovery of a primary error which has existed in elementary electricity since the days of its first invention—a breakthrough that culminates in a mathematical formula for the energy of life source