Det forkerte at gøre er ingenting

Det forkerte at gøre er ingenting

Hvordan kan et individ kontrollere sin egen skæbne i en verden, der i fuld fart går en usikker fremtid i møde? Er han nødt til stiltiende at afvente det næste uforudsete slag? Eller skal han ihærdigt prøve med ligegyldigt hvilke midler, gennem ligegyldigt hvilken plan at sikre fremtiden for dem, han skatter, og det samfund, han lever i? L. Ron Hubbards uforglemmelige svar på sådanne spørgsmål afslører, hvordan vi kan garantere vor egen fremtidige overlevelse. Læs mere

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Here we are surrounded in this society by lots of people who say, ‘Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it.’ But clearly to me, this is and seems to be a situation that one can’t say that about. For the first time we’re faced with the fact that, the absolute fact, that exactly the wrong thing to do is nothing. —L. Ron Hubbard

In a world of unpredictable forces racing headlong toward an uncertain future, how can a single individual control his own fate? How can he safeguard the well-being of his family, the prosperity of his group and the security of his nation?

Must he mutely await the next unforeseen blow, which might well signal the end of all dreams and aspirations? Or should he endeavor by whatever means, through whatever plan, to secure the future for those he cherishes and the society in which he lives?

Here, then, is L. Ron Hubbard’s unforgettable answer to such questions. What he reveals is not only a principle that spells the difference between success and failure in every aspect of life, it is also a fundamental truth by which we can guarantee our future survival as individuals, groups, nations and Mankind as a whole.