Scientology Volunteer Ministers: Free Online Raising Children Course, Parenthood & Discipline


Are you raising them right?

Are you concerned about your child’s health and future happiness? As a parent, are you worried you’re doing it all wrong?

Parents today are inundated with advice on bringing up children—whether from friends and family or the latest in a long succession of untried “expert” child-rearing theories. Little of it enhances the understanding of children or does much to alleviate the uncertainties of being a parent.

But there are fundamental and proven methods that help dispel the mysteries of parenthood and give a parent the tools needed to help their children grow up to be happy, capable and responsible.

On the free online course, Children, find out:

  • What discipline has to do with raising a child
  • How to help a child determine what he or she wants out of life
  • A simple technique you can use to assist an injured or distressed child